Nothing Unusual Here
A writer is a world trapped in a person.
Victor Hugo (via dixonngreene)
i’ve been watching the Cake Boss marathon all day…

Karl crappily draws pokemon to cheer up friends

I just started following you recently but I must say you seem really cool


Golly, gosh!  Thank you so much!  I try to be as chill as possible, even though i’m kinda shy at times. ;w;


I wanted to say hello and that but I’m pretty shy too…

A Halloween PSA


Halloween store are popping up, which means that no matter how offensive you find the costumes, DO NOT harass the employees or make their lives miserable by defacing merchandise. They are seasonal, minimum wage workers and attacking them gets you nowhere.



can u imagine cooking mama in smash tho, she’d be a total beast whipping around frying pans and throwing around onions and her FS would be her getting mad like when you fuck up a recipe and flames grow around her and eventually engulf the entire stage


I’ve been trying to draw more, nothing major yet. There’s no art that I know of for the rats in Tinker Knight’s stage so I had to sort of BS it.



I care too, but I’ve been pretty much only on my personal blog because well not like anyone really notices if I’m away it seems.

Have you had many boyfriends?


aka im a terrible person